Yes! An homage to P. G. Wodehouse, England's funniest writer! I hope this is the start of a new series starring the imperturbable butler and his hapless charge, Wooster, B as they rollick through Between the Wars London. If you have never enjoyed the originals, don't read this: go directly to your book source and buy some of the original Wodehouse. The Inimitable Jeeves is the first, with 13 more hilarious and wildly improbable romps to follow. Then, when you've wallowed in them, read this one. It's got the mark of the to read more
not quite the deft and flawless touch, but it had me repeatedly laughing out loud. Bertie Wooster, in order to avoid his feared Aunt Agatha Worplesdon, has accepted an invitation to the stately Dorset home of Sir Henry Hackwood. Sir Henry, up to his ears in creditors, is also the guardian of the beautiful Georgianna, whom Bertie met on the Riviera not long before. The lovely young lady, whom Wooster has scarily warm feeling for, has been betrothed to a well-heeled travel writer of dubious charm. Neither the prospective bride, nor groom, seem thrilled with the engagement. Meanwhile, Jeeves is impersonating an aged peer, and Bertie is sleeping on a bed of nails up in the servants' attic. As with all Wodehouse-style plots, this one has a multitude of threads; and, in the Wodehouse manner, they are all tied neatly and ingeniously - and very satisfyingly - at the end. Fabulous! A 5.