CROSS AND BURN, by Val McDermid

8/series in the Dr. Tony Hill/Carol Jordan epic. This is one of those books that's better if you've read the ones before. Characters arrive, die, are disgraced or have life-shattering events, but as it's in a previous book you're fumbling around in the dark thinking, "Shoulda read the ones before." So, if you're new to this stellar series, start with #1, Mermaids Singing. McDermid is prolific, click to read more...
with several series going, plus non-fiction and a children's book (My Granny is a Pirate), much of it translated into forty languages. Her well-organized web site gives you the whole list. Val McDermid and get ready for a long, satisfying ride.
In Cross and Burn, psychiatrist Tony Hill is separated from the crime cops and estranged from Carol Jordan. Jordan, shattered and embittered by the death of her brother, has left the police force. Jordan's former assistant Paula McIntrye, trying to get used to a new boss, investigates the murder of a horribly beaten woman found in a tenement squat. At the same time, a teenaged boy's mother vanishes. While Hill and Jordan struggle with their new lives - without each other - the body count goes up and McIntyre's forensic people give her troubling news. Okay, read it. If I tell you more, you don't need to read it, and then what's the point of this blog? It's a 5, as you might expect from this top-of-her-game author. Fabulous characterizations, intricate and surprising plot, satisfying end. Enjoy.