BILLY BOYLE, by James R. Benn

1/series. This well researched and written World War II mystery series stars a young Boston cop - Billy Boyle, Irish and no lover of the English - whose Uncle Ike (General Dwight Eisenhower) brings him onto his staff in London during the Blitz. I love finding new authors to enjoy - particularly of a series character - and Benn's a new fave.
Billy's uncle first sets him to find a traitor, then a murderer, all under near-impossible and at time heartbreaking conditions. Does the nepotism that made him a Detective mean Billy's incompetent? Can he figure out how the locked-room murder was done? Will the traitor get away? Will Billy get the girl? Benn's characters are varied and believable, the action plausible, and the hero's fears and thoughts are very well-written. The attitudes of the day have been beautifully portrayed; this was a different world, one that is forever lost to us in the 21st century. From Boston to the forests of Norway, you'll follow Billy Boyle, hoping the gutsy young hero gets the job done and returns home. This gets a 4+ from me.