A MURDER OF CROWS by P. F. Chisholm

2/series. I'm a sucker for Elizabethan-era England stories, and this mystery is as good as any I've read in a long while. Author Chisholm knows her stuff, and brings historical accuracy comfortably into the dialogue and mannerisms of the story.You'll sink right into the action and intrigue of the Queen's Court.
Part of a series (the first was A Famine of Horses) starring Sir Robert Carey (a cousin of Queen Elizabeth) and Sergeant Dodd, a dour but likable Scotsman, who in this novel track down a killer while fending off the bloody interest of a cunning torturer. Chisholm brings her characters to life with dialogue and action that's possible, logical and believable. A very good, authentic read which I rate a solid 4.5. Don't get all excited about the ratings, they're just mine and useful only as a guide. Let me know what you think!