THE WARLORD'S SON, by Dan Fesperman

The skilled hand of an experienced journalist shows in this contemporary novel set in war-ravaged Afghanistan and neighboring Pakistan. The time is shortly after 9/11's horrific events; Osama bin Laden is still at large. Najeeb, a border tribal leader's estranged son, agrees to translate for an aging, one-last-time American journalist, Skelly. The American only wants to get into Afghanistan, file what he thinks will be his best work. In the shadows lurk two other Americans, an opportunistic commercial agent and an equally unsavory man connected, possibly, to the U. S. Embassy. In the always-changing world of the mountainous border, where nothing is as presented, Najeeb must do his duty...but which side will claim him? And how will he protect the American he has come to like? A 5; not for the terminally optimistic or trusting. The ending will blow you away.