THE JASMINE TRADE, by Denise Hamilton

Meet Eve Diamond, an LA Times reporter driven to succeed, to advance, and to take no crap from anyone (except her editor) while doing it. A young Chinese woman is murdered as she goes to pick out her bridesmaids dresses; Eve is sent to cover the story and meets the girl's father, the powerful banker Reginald Lu. Something isn't ringing true, and Eve continues to investigate what really should be a one-day heart-wringer. Eve stumbles into the world of the "parachute kids", Asian youths sent to the U.S. for education, but whose families stay in Asia. These wealthy, lonely, unsupervised kids live lives of tremendous ease but no comfort; they get into trouble easily, and some find that getting out isn't as simple as they thought. You'll find it easy to rush along with the unstoppable Eve, and won't want the book to end...which it does, but not how you may think. This is a 5 and could be a good book group due to its subject matter.