THE IDES OF APRIL, by Lindsey Davis

1/series. I've long enjoyed Davis's Marcus Didius Falco series, set in Imperial Rome. There's been 20 of the tales over the years, starting with The Silver Pig, all carrying us along with the wise-cracking "informer" as he maneuvers through life, pursuit of criminals of every stripe, and navigating the intrigues of the Roman political system. Now Davis takes us into a new life with Falco's adopted daughter, Flavia Albia. Once a street urchin in Londinium, now a young widow in Rome, she's living is dad's falling-apart old apartment at Fountain Court.
One of the most enjoyable aspect of both series is the voice that Davis brings to the novels, and this one is the fresh, though slightly cynical voice of a young woman who's been through, done, and experienced much. In The Ides of April, people are dying unexpectedly; in this Rome, one of midnight arrests and sudden disappearances (some things don't change...), these deaths are disturbing. But Flavia Albia is told to disregard them. A red flag to a bull; she's on the trail. Authentic in tone and setting, you will enjoy this series as much as the Falco one. A 4.5.