CHILL FACTOR, by Sandra Brown

Cleary, North Carolina, is set in the mountains: a small, quiet town...but five women have disappeared in the past two years, and a blue ribbon has been found where they were last seen. Lily Martin, returning to tie up lose ends after her divorce from Cleary's police chief, Dutch Burton, is stranded in their former mountainside cabin during a blizzard. With her is Ben Tierney, a man she met and was attracted to the year before; her car struck him as she was trying to get off the mountain as a major blizzard was beginning.
What was Tierney doing on the mountain? Why had Tierney, a travel adventure writer who attracts women like a glass of Dr. Pepper attracts bees, spent so much time in Cleary? As the storm threatens their lives, Chief Burton is frantic to reach her, and takes absurd risks. And then the FBI arrives, convinced Tierney is a murderer. Egged on by his buddy, the town's autocratic high school sports coach, Burton goes off on his own, and the stage is set for confrontation. A case study in what not to do if your ex is with another man, the plot twists and growing attraction between Lily and Tierney, and the absurdities of some FBI agents, all of it ought to keep you well entertained. A 4.