THE CLUB DUMAS, by Arturo Perez-Reverte

This highly-detailed contemporary mystery by the extremely popular Spanish author is for the lover of intellectually-challenging tales. Expertly weaving the story of the life and lusts of Alexandre Dumas (including photos), the occult, bookselling and book finders (not the musty old past time you might think), several murders, the appearance of a man who resembles one of D’Artagnan’s foes (Dumas, remember, one of the story’s lynchpins), a femme fatale or two, a mysterious young woman with emerald green eyes…read this, but be prepared to do a little brain work, as the author doesn't spare the erudition, complication or the reader's intellectual capacity. The writing is impeccable, a pleasure to anyone who appreciates the craft.  It’s a 4+...not a 5 because I usually don’t enjoy stuff this cerebral. Okay, the dummy will give it a 5, everyone else will.