MURDER IN THE DARK, by Kerry Greenwood

Phryne Fisher (the Hon., as she insists) is a heroine/role model/sleuth for us all: at home with herself and her wealth, with her aberrations, her lovers (a tall Chinese gentleman who calls her his concubine)(plus an undercover agent)(and anyone else who might strike her very picky fancy),  her friends and faithful staff...but she's not too comfortable with an invitation to the Last Best Party of 1928. This bash-to-end-all-bashes is thrown by The Golden Twins - one excruciatingly beautiful male, one otherworldly female - in an old mansion not far from Melbourne, Australia. And then things - and people - start to disappear. Guns are fired. Ground glass is put in face cream. Who is doing what and why? This is a delicious weekend read; get your bonbons and settle in! The prolific Greenwood has written nearly a score of Phryne Fisher stories, plus others, all set in Australia. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next one. Give the lady a 5!