LION IN THE VALLEY, by Elizabeth Peters

If you have not read any of this author's many books, you are missing a treat. Peters, an archeologist and Egyptologist, brings such marvelous authenticity to her stories of indomitable Amelia Peabody Emerson and her larger-than-life archeologist spouse Radcliffe Emerson, two oddball Egyptologists in the late 1800's, the heyday of antiquities excavating. The cast of supporting characters is vast and varied, the sensibilities of everyday Egyptian life bring to story to vivid life, and the plots always have dead bodies, mysterious happenings, exorcisims (one of Radcliffe's specialties; the Egyptians nicknamed him Father of Curses), kidnappings, thefts on a grand scale...these books have everything. The entire series covers over thirty years of the Emersons' adventures, from births to deaths, disappointments and triumphs, all based on Amelia's diaries. The entire series will take you a summer or more to get through, and you'll enjoy every minute. They're all 5's for me.