A DEAD MAN'S SECRET, by Simon Beaufort

8/series. Continuing the murder mysteries set during the Crusades, starring the beautifully-drawn Sir Geoffrey Mappestone. This writing duo (one a historian, the other an establish author) brings a flavor of total authenticity to the characterizations of grasping and devious King Henry, various merchants and knights (boy, were they a crass and bloodthirsty lot) and wives from faithful to up-for-grabs, clergymen from a scuttling whiner to a power-wielding bishop. Sir Geoffrey is coerced into carrying letters to Wales, and King Henry gives him a number of odd instructions Why? How did a nobleman die seven years ago? Why did a bishop die in Sir Geoffrey’s outhouse? And don’t you just love a wife who’ll wield a sword as well as her spouse can?  It’s a 4 (4 seems to be my new 5) But read these in series...they're well worth the time.