TOMCAT IN LOVE, by Tim O'Brien

Linguistics professor Thomas H. Chippering is many things, among them a man in love with words and women. When his childhood friend and brother-in-law Herbie exposes Tom's love diary (Hundreds of entires! Codes! Hints! Insinuations! But...) to his not-so-doting wife Lorna Sue, Thomas has a new obsession: winning his wife back. Too late: Lorna Sue has moved on, to a Tampa tycoon. And Thomas now wants revenge. At times fall-off-your-chair hilarious, this novel also has poignant moments of confession and soul-baring. And then it's back into the self-inflicted fray as Thomas once again seeks to polish his erotic talents. The man is a mess, but an engaging one. This Book of the Month Club Selection is, for me, a 4.