ROGUE'S ISLES, ROGUE'S Thomas Gately Briody

Carl Hiaasen and S. V. Date fans, pull up a comfy seat and get ready to enjoy somebody new! These tales are the absolutely perfect beach read! Who ever thought the nation's smallest state is so chock full of comic corruption and characters from chillingly nuts (but in great about death by 25' boat constrictor?) to chillingly venal to flat-out unlucky. Author Briody knows his state and the state it's in. Enter Michael Carolina, ex- star reporter, laid-back charter boat captain, tempted by Shirley Templeton (really) to return to TV. At once, he is plunged into the wicked world of Rhode Island politics, and the disappearance of Frankie Falcone, president and looter of Amerigo Vespucci Loan & Investment. Frankie's virtual reality sex scenes will leave you gasping. Read the whole series, they're entertaining, and will make a visit to Providence a lot more interesting.  They are, because of what they are (not Hiaasen but close) 4's.