Lovers of gritty realism with a rational hero who has a firm (some might think too firm?) grip on reality will enjoy the Jack Reacher novels. This one, set in a completely corrupt Georgia town, and involving Reacher's brother Joe as the...oops, spoiler. Reacher, a man with plenty of history but no present ties is sucked in to a massive international scam run by killers who will stop at literally nothing. Well, you've heard that line before, but the author has done his homework and - other than the too-wierd coincidence of the first corpse's identity - the plot hangs together very well, with an amazing amount of action. Violence, along with some not-graphic sex, is at the heart of things here. Reacher as giver of justice works, as does his involvement with a gorgeous cop. With all the blood and gore, you may (or may not) see the ending coming. It's a 4...and Tom Cruise is absolutely not Jack Reacher.