One of the pleasures of book reviewing is acquainting friends with authors just discovered. This is not to say that Norwegian writer Jo Nesbo isn't well known, just not known to me. I picked this book up in a store in Hanoi, Vietnam, and was pulled into the plot at once. Good writing, no matter the original language (in this case, Danish), is sill good writing. Made into a movie in 2012, the multi-layered plot stars corporate headhunter Roger Brown, a man at the top of the head game that recruiting is, a man devoted (more or less) to his lovely wife, and to his elaborate lifestyle. But it's a house of cards and Roger must resort to a second career to keep the whole thing from tumbling down around him. When his wife Diana introduces Roger to Clas Greve, Roger sees a perfect candidate...and a perfect victim. Quickly, Roger realises he's made a life-threatening blunder. It's a 5; the plotting is superb, the ending unexpected. You'll put Jo Nesbo on your list of writers to follow.