TIGER HILLS, by Sarita Mandanna

It's so good to find and enjoy a family saga that doesn't take place in the courts of Europe or the upper echelons of some country or other. Coorg, a state in northern India, is the setting for this epic generational story of love betrayed and unfulfilled, of tragedies that seemingly come out of nowhere but have very deep roots, of terrible brutality, immoral weaknesses, of stubborn hate and gentleness. A lovely young girl, Devi, cosseted and adored, falls in love with a man. But another loves her just as much. And there's a tiger and a coffee plantation. Now, here's a dilemma: do I tell you any more and ruin all the plots and sub-plots, the twists and turns? No! You'll get the full and tantalizing flavor of this complex country and culture from this engrossing, well-written story...it's a big book, a big tale, you'll enjoy every minute of it, and it is a 9.