?/series. Another excellent Jonathan Argyll/Flavia di Stefano art mystery, this one set in Rome and Paris and London, involving the theft of a relatively worthless painting and the murder of its momentary owner. Art dealer and once-in-a-while sleuth Argyll must dig into the painful past, the Nazi occupation of France, to find the killer. Flavia di Stefano, tireless in her pursuit of art thieves, ties it all up. As always, all Pears’ characters are complex (as is the plot), with the human foibles and interactions that make for a rich tale. As well, Pears' art knowledge, casually dropped in (so you don't feel like a total dolt) is first-rate, as befits an art historian. A 4; a super series for those not devoted to endless brinksmanship in their plotting, or a hero who never sets a foot wrong.