This enchanting book is full of marvelous moments, all set in idiosyncratic prose. Imagine this: you get a love note, and here's some of what it says: I am greedy for you in all ways. I want to eat your moans, lick your sighs. I'm greedy for you in ways that can't be explained in words... There's more but I feel like I missed life just reading the damn thing. This whole story of love and murder and dealing with the mysteries of people is filled with star-spangled moments you'll re-read just to enjoy them. Annie, widow of Stevan Szabo who drove his motorcycle off a cliff in a moment of misplaced exuberance, looses close friend Jerry who was divorced from circus star Capri, who is daughter of gypsy mystic and card-reader Mina Szabo who is involved with Zoltan and Pinky and drives a lot of late-model cars even though she (Mina, remember?) has no driver's license. Was Jerry's death in an alley near a dumpster really murder? Who is the boy who threw up on Annie at her wedding reception? What is horrible Bill, Jerry's law partner, up to? This, if only for the pleasure of reading Blevins' fabulous writing, is a 5+. But the plot's good, too.