1/series. Sherlock Holmes fans will find this series of great interest, not least because author Freemantle is such a devoted researcher that he brings absolute authenticity to these books. The Holmes Inheritance is the first of the series, and stars the great detective's long-unacknowledged son Sebastian. This young man is a chip off the old block; the author shows the inevitable clash between over-achieving father and ambitious young son. Sebastian goes to America on behalf of his uncle Mycroft Holmes and Mycroft's boss Winston Churchill (who is portrayed in a slightly different, less genuflecting, light). Daddy doesn't approve. The plot thickens. Sex rears its lovely head. Sebastian falls for a femme fatale of legendary proportions. This series is, particularly for those who enjoy the Holmes mystique, a real find. As always, author Freemantle delivers the goods. The subsequent story - The Holmes Factor - takes our young hero to St Petersburg, Russia for some pre-meltdown intrigue and upper-class hanky panky. This is a 4.