OUTLIERS, by Malcom Gladwell

Award-winning author has written a book that could change the fortunes of your family, especially your children. I have, for quite a while, known that children who are brought up in homes with books (even a half-dozen books) do better in school. If you do better in school, generally speaking you do better in life. Few parents don't want their kids to have better lives. But how does a parent work towards the goal of successful children? Aren't the daily chores of surviving, keeping up, getting ahead taking all a parents' time? Gladwell's book, which explains the phenomenon of birth dates (very important if you're going to be a sports star), ten-thousand hour expertise, the rice cultivation work ethic, and KIPP, also explains why Bill Gates got to where he did. No, it wasn't all Bill Gates, he was the right boy in the right place and he had a lot of unique opportunities. If you do one thing for your family, for your kids and your grand-kids, read this book. It's a 5+ and should be required reading for every new mother ("Sorry, honey, you can't give birth until you read this book...")