ONLY TO DECEIVE, by Tasha Alexander

The intrepid Lady Emily has lost her wealthy, globe-trotting husband of mere months before she even got a chance to know him. Dead of a hunting accident in Africa, Emily must get to know her groom by his letters, memories of his friends, and his library. In short order, she discovers her rather tepid husband adored her, called her Kallista, and had eager plans for a long and happy marriage with lots of children. Supported in her bewildered bereavement by Colin Hargreaves, one of her husband's best friends, Emily finds new purpose as she pores over his letters and belongings. Gradually, she comes to believe that her husband's death is not what it seems, and is determined to go to Africa and see for herself. Hargreaves urges her to move on with her life; but why does he do this? And in Africa, Emily may have found she's placed her faith in the wrong people. Part of an intriguing series, these books are a great vacation pick. It's a fabulous 4.