MOVE TO STRIKE, by Perri O’Shaughnessy

6/series. A pair of sisters write this best-selling legal series about Lake Tahoe-based attorney Nina Reilly and her teenaged son who asks her to defend a troubled young friend. The independent and often aggressive girl, Nikki Zack, has, as they say, a "history", and when her uncle turns up murdered, she's the go-to suspect. Meanwhile, Nina's taking on the establishment, mourning the loss of her (murdered) husband, trying to keep track of her wayward son, and fighting off stirrings for a long-absent significant other. Little violence, sex or profanity, but plenty of keep-you-up-at-night plot twists, a nice romance with oodles of undertones, and not too much legalese. Despite a weird denouement, it’s all mostly plausible, and you’ll love the perky holistic weed woman. As one of the writers is an attorney, I guess the court shenanigans actually happen, and that’s the scariest part of the entire book. It’s a 4, a great weekend read. A big zero on the sex scale, I think. But this legal who-dun-it ain't about sex.