COOK THIS, NOT THAT!, by David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding

This month's cookbook review is literally what the doctor ordered. The authors have the chops to make this book worthy of your respect: both are Men's  Health editors (Zinczenko is editor-in chief, Goulding food and nutrition), and both wrote the six best-sellers in this series, for which thousands of skinnier Americans thank them. This handy-sized soft cover has a year's worth of recipes to help you lose weight, eat better, lower your cholesterol, and avoid the horrors of modern American fast food. Example: page 42 offers scrambled eggs at 320 calories and 540 mg sodium for a cost of $1.43. Or you can go to Denny's for a Heartland Scramble: 1150 calories, 2800 mg of sodium, for $8.49. A no-brainer, right? Or page 128: Grilled Chicken Sandwich for $2.64 and only 400 calories (Outback's version is 696 calories and a whopping 1323 mg sodium!). Recipes are clear, concise, and delicious, and all of them are things you want to eat...especially the Banana Rum Splits on page 324 (350 calories vs. Baskin-Robbins' 1010!) In most cases, you'll halve your caloric intake, and drop costs by 60%. There's also an Eat This, Not That! book for kids. A solid 5+.