THE KEEPER, by Meg O’Brien

Brooke Hayes has finally got her life back in order: sober, newly-made a cast member of a soon-to-open play in San Francisco, re-establishing contact with her nine year-old daughter Charly, who's in her father's sole custody in L.A.. The week before she’s due to fly to L.A., her daughter calls, frightened, hysterical. Brooke’s ex-husband, hyper-control freak, says the child is fine, but hangs up when Brooke demands to speak with her. Terrified, knowing something’s gone wrong, Brooke flies to L.A., but her lawyer ex has poisoned the well, and the police won’t believe her. One sympathetic cop sends her to ex-cop John Creed, AKA The Keeper, a man who specializes in finding vanished children. As the clock ticks, Brooke must find her daughter. But can she trust Creed? The denouement is heart-stopping. A 4.