JOUST, by Mercedes Lackey

Young adult? Sure. Young Adults often are in their 60's. This story is great fun and a perfect bedtime read for your youngster (I'm talking about you reading to the kid, not her hunkered down on her own). Young Vetch, made a serf as a fortune of war, is starved and beaten by his vicious owner; it's a mtter of time before the young serf's life will be over. As he hauls water from a distant well to his master's garden, he is horrified to see a Jouster swoop down into the compound on his dragon and empty the water bucket over his head. The master, predictably, uses his whip on the hapless boy. And the disgusted Jouster, Ari, takes the boy away. In little time, Vetch is a dragon-boy, tasked with caring for the dragon Kashet. The luxury of it all! Regular meals, a bath, clean clothes...and the dragon. With its feet firmly in ancient Egypt, this delightful tale will open up for your own young reader not only a complex world, but raise questions about war, trust, fairness, honor, duty, victims, and a host of other real lfie questions. And it's a great read, a 4. I can hardly wait to get the sequel, Alta.