CHARLIE’S APPRENTICE, by Brian Freemantle

10/series. Idiosyncratic Charlie Muffin’s once again annoyed the powers that be; he’s been shoved out to pasture. Again. Young John Gower is thrust upon Charlie; teach him how to survive, he’s ordered. And so begins Gower’s lessons in the subtle and brutal art of a spy’s survival. Does it work? Is Bejing the capital of China? Is Moscow the heart of treachery? In the former USSR’s capital, Natalia sure-foots through the former-KGB’s minefields. Muffin rat-runs through his own survival tutorial. Gower? Read on! Once again, Freemantle draws the reader in and locks the tale around ankles: too late, you’re trapped, you have to read until 2AM. A 5.