Few writers could come up with a more vicious and dysfunctional family than the wealthy, aristocratic Morrows. Author Louise Penny should win an award just for these people, gathered at an elegant and remote resort for their annual family reunion and raising of a commemorative statue. Imagine concocting a murder weapon out of the statue? Imagine a woman naming her child after a legume and refusing to reveal its sex (child is now nine) just to spite her family. Imagine a mother unable to touch her children but allowing them to think…what? Aha, thought I’d spill the beans? This carefully crafted tale of love from sublime to twisted, jealousy hidden and revealed, revenge both in-the-moment petty and long-planned gigantic, the risks to the murderer of murdering. Penny’s characters are unique and quirky without being so odd you think she really had to work hard to dream them up. Inspector Armand Gamache, one of my new fave fantasy guys, is revealed in his strength and his vulnerability. What a guy! What a series! What a writer! They’re all 5s!