They're comng! Hang in there!
My old blog, Book Frenzy, turned out to be owned by someone else. Let's not go into details, it's too embarassing. Didn't discover it until, 18 months into posting (150+ reviews! eeek!), he cut me off at the knees. Well, I would have, too. But I wouldn't have asked $700 for the name, for petesakes. After buying book-frenzy (the dash made all the difference to me and to GoDaddy but not, apparently, to Blogger) and being unable to make the switch, I tossed in the towel and bought yet another domain: nuts4books.
But it's going to be a long slog getting the 200+ reviews over, one by one, to this site. I have a life, so it'll take more than a few days to make the move. In the meantime, I had a backlog of already-reviewed books  consumed in the first qwuarter of this year, so I'm posting them.
Thanks for you patience while this site is being built. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll try to accommodate.
Do you want an Amazon link?
Do you want cover photos?
Do you want author links?
Sheesh. Now I have to learn how to do all that!