THE DEVLIN DIARIES, by Christi Phillips

The second book by Phillips, this one again stars history scholar Claire Donovan who has realized a dream of teaching at Trinity College, Cambridge, through the efforts of fellow historian Andrew Kent. The story alternates with scenes in 1672, at the court of England's Charles II, where manipulation, cruelty and skulduggery reign and murder is commonplace. Back in the present, Claire has found a coded diary written by a female doctor at Charles's court. Claire shows it to a colleague, who swipes the document. Shortly after Claire confronts him publicly, he is murdered. Andrew Kent, the historian who had brought Claire to Trinity, helps her solve the clues to the diary's code, the present-day murderer, and – not incidentally – declares his love. More or less. This sounds like a spoiler but...Tune in for the next in this great series. A4.