Amazing what you can find when you seek out new authors. Not that Doig is new, he's got a lot of books to his credit. This one, a  narration by the now-60's protagonist, is set in the 1950-60's, and tells of 6 year-old Rusty Alley, a boy whisked from the indifferent clutches of relatives in Phoenix to the wide-open spaces of Wyoming and a bar-owning father he barely knows. All goes well until his 12th summer when women start showing up: first the irrepressible pre-teen Zoe, who may be the love of Rusty's life. Click for more...
Then Proxy, a free-wheeling adventuress with a very sketchy past, and her edgy, hippy daughter Francine, possibly Rusty's half-sister, and soon-to-be bartender. But what about Rusty's mother, who abandoned him at birth? Could it be Proxy? All is made clear in this marvelous story of a young life on the wide-open frontier, and his fears, joys and mishaps. A 5, a marvelous coming-of-age tale.
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