THE BARBARY PIRATES, by William Deitrich

2/series. From Paris to North Africa by land and sea, 1802. Another in the Ethan Gage series, where the intrepid American adventurer and rifleman clashes with his sexy nemesis Lady Aurora Somerset and her evil Egyptian Rite cohorts. Bloodthirsty Lady Aurora seeks the legendary Mirror of Archimedes, which will revolutionize warfare when found. In a race for the prize, Ethan finds his lost love Astiza and a two year old surprise, and he must chose who he will save. Swashbuckling fun with just enough real history to keep you interested, it's a non-stop series of confrontations, face-offs, feints and battles. And for those who love mathematical puzzles (not me), there may be enough to keep your brain on the boil. It's a 4.