This is one of my favorite American authors, and one you may not know. Delight yourself with any of his marvelous, unpredictable books. This one is compelling on so many levels: as a chronicle of search and discovery and loss, of occupations and avocations, as love stories, of the perils of ignoring or indulging desires. Author Hellenga’s trademark style of fine prose, unique characters (a snake handling backwoods preacher, an anthropology professor recovering from Lyme disease, a pygmy mistress, a gun-toting ex-con with a jones for higher education…), click below for more no-spoiler review...
and twists and turns which catch you unawares but are perfectly natural and never forced. People, problems, solutions: each is illuminated in an unforgettable story that never flags, always entertains, but most of all, takes you with and inside the characters. Another 5 for this excellent, not well known, author. This could be ideal for a book club.
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