SNAKE AGENT, by Liz Williams

First in the series. Yes! Read this demonized/occult/futuristic/slyly funny mystery if you want great writing, fabulous settings and fascinating characters! Detective Inspector Chen, Singapore Three's go-to man for investigating crimes involving the supernatural, has his plate full with demons and denizens of Hell when the ghost of a young girl is kidnapped before she can reach Heaven. Chen, along with a vice officer from Hell, the uber-virile demon Seneschal Zhu Irzh, must solve the mystery of many ghost kidnappings. Why are young girls sought? Where is the blood coming from? Why is the Ministry of Epidemics involved? Is Chen's demon wife Inari in real danger? And what about the teakettle-badger? Snake Agent is what happens when an author plots and plots and plots, and then edits the daylights out of her work. It could be used to teach novel writing. It's a 5+.