I have had feedback from friends that signing up on my blog requires the prospective follower have a Google or Facebook or other social media account. As you don't want to add more stuff to your internet life, you haven't signed on my blog. That's a bummer. For those of you who are very happy with what you have, but none of it is the social media or Google-related sights required, I am trying to figure out how to get a signup that asks only that you give your current e-mail. Simple, hey? Not.
Google apparently wants us all linked into one happy world-wide family, all of whom spend 25 hours a day googling, facebooking, pinteresting, blogging and tweeting. That world view gives me the screaming willies, frankly.
I want you all to sign up and follow my blog without being forced to add yet another account to your already full roster. I would feel the same way were I in your shoes. I'm happy with what I have and I don't want yet another internet account clammoring for my attention, another password to keep track of, another way inside my computer to worry about.
I am working on a solution. It's going to take a bit of time; I do not blog 25 hours a day. I, like you, have a life. patient, please. I'll get it done quick as I can. And then all you'll have to cope with is my posts! Thanks.
P. S.: if you can insert a comment to this post, I will let you know how I've accomplished the task (when I accomplish the task).