If you read Hellenga's The Sixteen Pleasures and The Italian Lover, you are familiar with the Harrington family; now you can meet (and will absolutely adore) Rudy, the father, who is on a mission to understand his life. At age 60, still mourning his straying Helen who came home to die seven years earlier, he leaves Detroit and his entire life-so-far behind and buys an avocado farm in Texas. He then settles in to understand philosophy (really, with a capital P). Click below for more. . .
As with all Hellenga's books, he never misses sight of the main theme, but he takes us on amazingly enchanting byways, we meet unique and fascinating people (and Norma Jean, the artistic elephant), and we come away immeasurably richer. This would be an outstanding choice for a book group. 5+
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