NO MARK UPON HER, by Deborah Crombie

I should have been reading Crombie before now; she's better than just good. Set in England, in lovely Henley-on-Thames, the fabled rower's mecca (the end-page maps are sublime), the story deals with the misuse of power, with revenge and justice and murder. Met detective Rebecca Meredith is an accomplished rower, and is mulling over the possibility of training for the Olympics. After an evening row on the river, her body is found the next morning by a war vet with PTSD, apparently an accident. But too much remains unexplained, and Scotland Yard Superintendent Douglad Kincaid, asked to investigate, is pointed by his superior to the victim's husband as the preferred killer. Kincaid suspects a cover-up; his wife uncovers disturbing evidence; a petrol bomb is thrown at the vet's boat house. Between family tensions and job tensions, and a race to keep the killer from striking again, you'll stay absorbed to the last page. A 5.