NAPOLEON'S PYRAMID, by William Dietrich

1/series. Adventurer/charmer Ethan Gage, American sharpshooter and Ben Franklin protege, winds up being coerced into journeying to Egypt with Bonaparte's invasion army. Basically, it's march or get shot. Possessing a mysterious amulet, he meets up with the beautiful, mysterious, and all together too damn smart Astiza, plus bloodthirsty Arabs, conniving Frenchmen, brainy savants, and noble Egyptians. If you ever wondered about Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile (and I am sure you have spent sleepless nights mulling it over), this is the book that'll give you a bird's eye view. From Paris to Dendara, Ethan Gage manages to bluff, fake, skip, feint and obfuscate his merry way. A likeable hero, a delicious love interest, really nasty evil villians, and a complex, interesting plot. A 5.