MIND’S EYE, by Hakan Nesser

1?/series. Translated from the Swedish, this tidy little murder pits idiosyncratic Inspector Van Veeteren against a hidden adversary who seems to kill unrelated victims. Janek Mitter wakes one morning to find his wife dead in the bathtub. The night before they had polished off a half-dozen bottles of wine; Mitter remembers nothing. Justice prevails and he is convicted of murder and sent to a mental institution. Then things change, and Van Veeteren, who had not quite dismissed the crime as being suitably solved or punished, gets into the act. No spoilers here; you’ll have to read this mystery, which ought to nicely surprise you in the last pages. White some would call this a polcie procedural, Van Veeteren does it his way, and some might say procedure isn't always in evidence. A 4.