KILLING CRITICS, by Carol O'Connell

A hack artist is boldly killed during an art soiree in a New York gallery. Is it to be considered a work of art? Mallory, with her unerring talent for finding hidden meanings, soon links this killing with the grisly death and dismemberment of two artists over a decade before. An alcoholic art critic becomes a megaphone-wielding fashion Nazi atop Bergdorf's, while another tries to flirt with the unflirtable Mallory. From a hidden rat-infested lair of a homeless woman to the poshest galleries, Mallory's search for links to the past will keep you pinned to your seat. O'Connell's gift for slyly inserting bizarre or humorous incidents into a grippingly tense story is absolutely masterful. A 5, and I can't wait for the next Mallory.