HELLO KITTY MUST DIE, by Angela S. Choi (Lee's Fiction Fave)

Read this fabulous book! For a first novel, it is absolutely superb. The start is a little odd, but it doesn't get much less odd as the story goes hilariously along: Fiona Yu, single, lawyer, with a traditional family hell-bent on getting her married ("What did you think of Don?" "I hated him." "He'll pick you up Saturday." "I never want to see him again!" "Wear lipstick."). Fiona encounters Sean Killroy, an old high school friend (male, mesmerizing) who has morphed into a surgeon who restores hymens (yes, really); they go pub-crawling, as Sean finds eager victims. Meanwhile, Fiona is pressured and hoodwinked into more ethnically accept, but doomed dates. The end will rock you, it's worthy of Lehane. I can hardly wait for her next one. This is a solid 10 and could be a book group read. Warning: wierd goings-on and sexual hinkiness. 3 sex.