GOOD BONES, by Aaron Elkins

11/series. Once again author Elkins takes us on a great ride, this time on a bike and kayak tour of in northern Italy’s fabled Boromean Islands run by forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver’s good friend Phil. Gideon’s wife Julie has agreed to take a vacation from her Park Ranger job and co-escort the trip, which puts Gideon (unwilling to camp out in a tent) solo in a charming hotel is Stresa, on Lake Maggiore. They arrive just after Achille, the sullen, pimpled scion of the local padrone, is violently kidnapped. Part of the fun of these novels is the effortless way you’re given information you never ever suspected you’d enjoy getting: Elkins has a skilled hand at that, and at slowly ratcheting up the tension. Even his unpleasant characters have a good-humored aspect. Another 5 for this charming, knowledgeable, very well-plotted series.