BURN UNIT, by Barbara Ravage

Non-fiction at its reportorial best, Ravage has meticulously researched life in a Burn Unit, this one at Boston's Mass. General, and gives us a chilling description of what happens when a person is seriously burned. Most of us probably think we know something about burns, but what we mostly know about is a hot coal from a fire. Or a candle tips or a hot pot gets away: not serious. This book details, in great detail, what really happens when fire gets out of control. Makes you want to find a forest fire worker and buy them a drink. Burn history, staff involvement, case studies and clear prose make this book a must if you have any curiosity about the subject. It's a tough one even if you don't know much about burns, but this book brings you front and center...it gets difficult at times. It's a 5 and well worth your time.