BELIEVING THE LIE, by Elizabeth George

What happened when you believe a lie? Aren't we lied to, every day, by friends and relatives and governments and companies? Don't we all tell lies, large and small? Aren't lies what often make life bearable? Inspector Thomas Linley, still devastated by his wife's murder, intimately involved with a hard-drinking superior, is ordered to investigate a death ruled accidental by a coroner. A wealthy family with an estate on Lake Windermere has welcomed home a prodigal son with his new wife. Recently, a married cousin has been forced to come out of the closet; his selfish wife and young children have disintegrated. The prodigal's siblings react in wildly opposite ways. In London, Lynley's police partner Barbara Havers must pretend to welcome the long-missing wife of her neighbor, father of bubbly young Haddiya. Simon and Debra St. James, Lynley's close friends, are trying to come to terms with Debra's inability to have a child. Everyone tells lies, believes lies, even needs lies, old lies, deadly lies And where they lead to will keep you magnetized, mesmerized, and questioning...when does a lie stop being an easy way out and become lethal? Stupendous book; very suitable for a wide-ranging book group. It's a 5+