ASSASSIN, by Ted Bell

2/series. The irresistible Alex Hawke gets married; on the church steps, his new bride is assassinated by a long-distance sniper. Hawke, devastated by his wife's murder, lets his guard down as well as loses interest in all things suspenseful. A series of weird murders take American diplomats and their families out. Finally, Hawke wakes up, leaps in to sovle the murders. From the remote peaks of the Arabian desert to the posh environs of 10 Downing Street to hidden hotels in the Asian jungle and the mangrove islands of the Florida Keys, Hawke, assisted by Scotland Yard's inimitable Ambrose Congreve, his many colorful confederates and close friends, all track down a maniac murderer and his sexy henchwomen. Enough derring-do for any SEAL Team Six devotee. A 4.