3/series starring Lord John Grey, one-time Helwater prison warden of Jamie Fraser. Georgian England did not suffer homosexuals gladly; they were regarded with horror and revulsion, considered beneath contempt as well as fair game. But the gay scene anywhere, particularly in the Army, was vibrant, and Lord John thrived. Nearly twenty years before, his father, the Duke of Pardloe, was found dead by his own hand, seemingly one step ahead of a treason charge. Click below for more...
Lord John was sent away to Scotland, his older brother into the army, his mother the Dutchess went to live in France. Now, a single page from his father's journal has appeared, and Lord John wants to know the entire truth about that awful morning and the events leading to it. His family's stonewalls him, he goes off on his own to investigate. As his regiment prepares to leave for active duty, a new officer buys a commission, and Lord John finds himself caught up in an emotional storm that catches him off guard but very willing. The two stories twine and ntertwine to a satisfying conclusion. This is a 5, with graphic male sex. A fabulous read.
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