1/series. This delightful novel begins the Bevelstoke series. Remember when you were ten years old and felt like the ugliest duckling in the world? Meet Miranda Cheever, without a doubt one of us. This Regency-era misfit grows up knowing she will never make a match, and that men do not find her attractive. When handsome, dashing Nigel Bevelstoke kisses her hand and promises that one day she will grow into herself, she falls irrevocably in love. Heady stuff for a ten year old. Nigel then swans off into his adult world and complete disaster. Click below for more...
Next time they meet, Nigel is a bitter, closed-off man standing at his wife's graveside. And happy to see the woman being buried. What went wrong? What happened to the happy, carefree Viscount Turner? While his life has nearly ruined him, Miranda has grown into herself just as he'd predicted. And the results are stunning. But Penelope remembers the young man and yearns to bring him back to life. A lovely read, particularly if you're into ugly duckling stories. It's a 4.

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