A delightful, heart-tweaking romance for the dedicated chocoholic. In truth, I found the beginning a bit dragged out, could've skipped all that hospital business, but once our girl arrives in Paris things really start to move. Anna Trent, having lost body parts in an industrial accident at a commercial chocolate plant, goes to Paris at the urging of her old high school French teacher. The teacher, Claire, has old connections, and she sends aimless Anna to Thierry, flamboyant owner of France's best chocolate shop on the Ile St-Louis. Click for a bit more, but no spoilers...
Thierry's estranged son Laurent is friends with Anna's roomie Sami (a gay Algerian who makes costumes for the Opera). And that is all I'm telling you. The book is peppered with poignant flashbacks that give more back story than you probably need, but the writing is beguiling and the stories so well intertwined you'll be reluctant to put this down. And the recipes at the end are a real bonus. I'm trying one tonight. It's a fun-filled 4.
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