10/series. Amy Leduc, Paris' sexiest private investigator, prowls the back streets of the City of Light, this time the pursued, not the pursuer. Her partner Rene Friant as been shot and lies near death in a private hospital; Melac, the handsome and tenacious police think Amy did it; her alibi proves to be a happily married man who claims he never met her; and her old mentor and godfather refuses to once again rescue her. And then it gets worse...click for more...

There's a general transportation strike, witnesses have a way of showing up dead...Lovers of Paris will adore this series. Lovers of well-constructed mysteries may be a bit less enthused, particularly with this tale, as it has a significant number of unexplained loose ends. Perhaps it's a ploy to bring the reader along to the next book in the series, but I hate putting down a mystery with part of it completely unexplained. It's a 3.5; the sex is minimal and discrete. Overall, the series is a 4.

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