1/series. A delightful spin-off from Gabaldon's Outlander series, Lord John Grey moves among some of Georgian London's highest circles, where unapologetically dissolute behavior is the norm, and the idle life led by most of the nobility leads to bizarre excess. But not Lord John's behavior: as a gay man, he treads a wary path that has acquainted him with the seamier side of the city's offerings. Click below for more...
A fellow member of the Beefsteak Club is murdered shortly after contacting Lord John, asking to talk to him. In tracing who and why the young man died, Lord John will disturb both the high- and low-ranking, both of which are murderously dangerous. Read this as much for the pleasure of a beautifully-constructed portrayal of London life and society in the 1750's, as for the excellent plot, and the slow revealing of Lord John's many-layered character. A 4.5.A minor amount of gay sex, very tastefully done.
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